Passly 7.0.12 - Release Notes

Passly 7.0.12 - Release Notes - Aug 5, 2021

This release of Passly includes a few enhancements and a few bug fixes.

Features and Enhancements

1. Login:

  1. The onboarding flow has been changed. 
  2. The onboarding format of the email has been changed. 
  3. The login forms have been simplified for easiness. 
  4. The Forgot Password form has been simplified for easiness. 

  5. Profile and tenant icons now stay put in the Profile section. 
  6. The login flow has been made simpler for single reset option. 
  7. The description for ‘email sent’ has been changed to sound more meaningful. 
  8. The Password Reset screen has been redesigned. 
  9. The Password Setup screen has been redesigned. 


2. Browser Extension: Now user credentials are automatically filled at appropriate pages on login.


1. SSO Manager: When you set up a SAML application with Audience URI that is a GUID, clicked Advanced Setting, included All Audiences, and launched the application, you used to see a 500 error. This is now fixed. 

2. WLA:

  1. An error used to appear while viewing or editing or overriding Windows Logon Agent password. This is now fixed 
  2. User was able to set up VPN connection without logging in via WLA. This is now fixed. 

3. Login:

  1. The description “Verify another way” has been removed for single verification option.  
  2. Profile and tenant icons now stay put in the Profile section. Previously, the profile and tenant icons used to display themselves incorrectly when user was added or removed. This is now fixed.

4. Browser Extension:

  1. When credentials are entered for a webpage through the extension, and then if you try to edit the password from the extension, an error message which said, “Username not unique” used to appear. This is now fixed.
  2. The inputs were shifting when the extension was enabled.
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