How to upgrade DirSync agent


How can we upgrade our existing Passly DirSync agents?


If you have previously followed this guide to setup DirSync. We can upgrade a Passly DirSync agent. following these steps.

  1. Log into Passly. 
  2. Select Directory manager
  3. Select Directory Sync.
  4. Select the existing agent.
  5. Select Edit under the Agent information section 
  6. Change agent status to Disabled. Save changes.

    Note: Do not delete the agent under the end. We need this agent in place until the last step.
  7. On the Windows server where DirSync is deployed, Programs & Features > Uninstall the DirSync agent.
  8. Start the DirSync deployment wizard. Follow
    Note: Use two browsers here logged in to the Passly tenant. You need to map the OU's on the new agent exactly the same as your previouis agent. 
    Note: Name the agent based on the the machine name.


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