06/24/2021 - Dark Web ID v1.70.00

This release includes a few enhancements and a bug fix.


  1. Integration: When the integration page is being edited and if particular company was deleted from the Catchall Company dropdown, the company will still be shown in the dropdown but you will not be able to select the company. If you do, DWID will now show an error to that effect.
  2. Cyber Threat Overview: You can now quickly switch company from the Switch to dropdown and analyze the threat overview from the result. The Switch to option is now available for Compromises, Users, and Reporting pages as well. Earlier, you had to go to the list of organizations to switch company and analyze the threat overview.

Bug Fix

Live Data Search: Live Data Search: Earlier, when upper case letters were entered into the Email/Domain search box after the @ sign, there were no result in the form of a short summary of the company profile in a box on the right. This is now fixed.

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