03/24/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.21

This release focuses on restoring scoring functionality within the BullPhish ID Security Training & Awareness Portal



Set Minimum of Six Questions - In all future courses, the minimum amount of questions to be attached to the quiz is six. This aids in making scoring easier for both partners and users.

  • If a partner administrator attempts to save a quiz with less than six questions attached, the text "A minimum of six questions is required to create a quiz" will highlight red.
  • The user cannot proceed until the six questions are added.

Quiz Creation Screen



Allow Partners to Set a Scoring Criteria - From the Training Portal, partner administrators can visit the "Quiz Settings" tab and configure Scoring Criteria.

  • Under the "Scoring Criteria" section, partner administrators can toggle a switch for "Set Scoring Criteria"
  • Selecting "No" allows users to successfully complete the quiz, regardless of the amount of correct answers submitted.
  • Selecting "Yes" allows partner administrators to select the percentage needed to pass a training quiz by using a slider. The configuration is applied to all future training campaigns upon clicking "Save". 

Quiz Settings Screen with Set Scoring Criteria Toggled to "Yes"



If the "i" bubble is hovered over, an example list of percentages is shown for the default six questions attached to quizzes



Create "Failed" Section on Training Portal - If a user does not meet the scoring criteria set by the partner administrator, then their quiz will be marked as "failed".

  • If a user does not meet the scoring criteria , a pop up will appear that alerts the user that they did not pass the quiz.
  • If the user returns to the portal home screen, their quiz will be moved to the "Failed Courses" section, where they will no longer be able to access the quiz.
  • In a future release, there will be an option for partner administrator to set quiz attempt limits, which allows users to retake the quiz for the amount of attempts allotted before being moved to the "Failed Courses" section. The Results screen will also not appear until the user passes the quiz. Users who have failed the quiz will also be reflected in reporting. 

Pop-up notification explaining that the user had failed the quiz



The "Failed Courses" section of the Training Portal, which is no longer accessible for the user.



Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where finished campaigns were not being moved to "complete" status
  • Fixed a bug where, if multiple courses were sent in one training campaign, every course past the first clicked on were returning a 404 error.





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