Passly is a secure, one-stop identity and access management solution for managed services providers (MSPs) and enterprises. Built on robust people-centric cybersecurity technologies, Passly is a comprehensive solution aimed at the IT core of organizations worldwide. It comprises of single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and Password Manager.

Passly has four parts - Passly Web, Passly Web Extension, Passly Authenticator and Passly Mobile. Passly Web is where the admin controls reside and where an admin controls other ordinary Passly users’ access and rights to various applications. Passly Web Extension is an extension that can be attached to your browser. Passly Web Extension gives you access to your vaults and SSO applications. Passly Authenticator is a mobile app that facilitates two-factor authentication (2FA). It hosts your several accounts, and it authenticates your credentials while you log in either through push authentication or through one-time codes.  Passly Mobile is a mobile app that gives you access to your passwords through vaults.


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