Passly 7.0.7 - Release Notes

Passly 7.0.7 - Release Notes - December 9th, 2020

This release of Passly includes enhancements and bug fixes.

Features and Enhancements

  1. Browser Extension  Firefox  Chrome
    • The browser extension now supports auto-filling of credentials in case the URL exists.
    • Website URLs are now clickable from the browser extension.

    • Users who have not configured their individual vault can now create it from within the browser extension. To do this, do the following:
      1. After logging into the extension, go to My Passwords.
      2. Click the plus sign button. The Add Vault button appears.
      3. Click the Add Vault button. The Add Individual Vault screen appears. By default, <your full name> - Individual Vault appears.
      4. Save the information. The individual vault is now added to My Passwords.

  2. IT Complete
    If you also have an active subscription to Dark Web ID (i.e. if you are a shared customer between Dark Web ID and Passly), we will pull in the compromises and their details to the user profile within Passly.

  3. SSO Manager
    • We now support federating multiple domains from a single AAD to one Passly. This would be used if an organization has multiple domains it uses for email where users have differing primary domains.

    • When we send the user to O365, Passly will now let Microsoft know that MFA was completed.



  1. General
    • Fixed the tenant expiration notification message to say Passly instead of AuthAnvil.
    • Fixed issue where customers were erroneously receiving the expiration notice.
  2. Browser Extension
    • We are no longer showing agents installed previously on non-AD machines. We now show only the agent installed on AD machine.
    • Fixed issue where long tenant names would overlap the domain dropdown on the browser extension login screen.
    • Fixed issue with display of long vault names that don't have a space in the browser extension.
  3. Directory Manager
  4. Fixed issue with user search where it would search across organizations within the tenant.
  5. Just-In-Time (Reserve User)
  6. Fixed issue when refreshing or resizing the Just In Time page the page was going blank.
  7. Password Manager
    • Fixed issue where vaults with an & in their name did not allow passwords to be created or edited.
    • Fixed issue so you no longer have to log out and back in to get access to the passwords tab of a newly created vault if you are in the initial group.
    • Fixed issue with display of long vault names when searching on My Passwords page.
    • Fixed validation on the Expire Password After Preview field to have a maximum of 165 hours (9999 minutes in total).
  8. SSO Manager
    Fixed issue that allowed the O365 applications to be shared across organizations. Other applications can still be shared, but we will prevent groups from other organizations from being added to O365. This is a result of how O365 connections are handed off.
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