Adding ConnectWise Manage for Single Sign On

On the Passly side:

Protocol Type: SAML SP-Init

Assertion Consumer Service URL: https://{CW_Domain}/v4_6_release/auth/{CompanyID}/Acs

Allow Multiple Audiences: Unchecked

Service Entity ID: https://{CW_Domain}/v4_6_release/auth/{CompanyID}/metadata

Identity Issuer: https://{org}

Multiple Audiences: Checked

Audience URI: https://{CW_Domain}/v4_6_release/auth/{CompanyID}/metadata

Attribute Transform: {User.EmailAddress} =>

Sign Token Response: Checked

Sign Assertion: Checked

Signing Algorithm: SHA-256

Fixed Relay State: <blank>


On the CW side:

Login URL: https://{org}{App_Guid} (found by right-clicking the app in the Launchpad and copying the link)

Identity Provider ID: https://{org}

Upload the Certificate and ensure the fingerprint matches.


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