11/4/2020 - BullPhish ID v2.11.00

This release is a smaller release that focuses on backend improvements, ongoing feature development and bug fixes. 


Features and Enhancements

Kits and Courses - "Pin" feature

You can now "pin" any kit or course you'd like for quick and easy access instead of searching!


Pin icon




Kit and Course - Title Cleanup

Cleaned up titles by removing the language bracket in the Kits and Courses titles. 


              Language Brackets - Old                                                  Language Brackets - Removed

mceclip1.png               mceclip2.png



Training Courses: New Courses Added

Data Protection: Data Backup



Data Protection: Data Encryption




Bug Fixes and Other

1. Fixed a data tracking bug that happened if a user took too long to respond to a Phishing or Training course. 

2. Fixed an Azure Directory sync bug where some users weren't able to sync their Azure groups.

3. Fixed a workflow issue where some users were receiving multiple campaigns at the same time. 


We are working on some big features so stay tuned! 





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