Passly 7.0.5 - Release Notes

This release of Passly includes two new features. We have a lot more fixes and functionality coming in the October release

Chrome Extension
Mobile App

Features and Enhancements

Chrome Extension

We have released the first iteration of the new browser extension. If you already have the Passly SSO Assistant extension, you can simply update it (if auto-updates are not enabled). If you do not already have it, then you will need to install it from the Chrome Extension Store. To force an update, you can go in the Chrome Menu and choose More Tools -> Extensions and click the Update button at the top. The new extension will be Passly 7.0.5. The previous version was Passly SSO Assistant.

The new / updated extension will give users access to their Launch Pad and Password Vaults from the extension.

Logging into the extension will follow the same Authentication Policy as if the user were logging into the website. You will need to enter your tenant name and choose the appropriate region from the dropdown.


Enter the same username / password as you would for the web. If MFA is required, you will be asked if you would like to receive a push notification or enter a one-time passcode (U2F is not supported in browser extensions)
Once authenticated, you will have a tab for your SSO applications and another for your password vaults. 

My Passwords

If you go to the My Passwords tab, you will have a list of your vaults. Clicking on a vault will expand a list of the folders in the vault. Select the folder and you will get the password list on the right half.


Clicking on a credential will open up a window with the details for it along with the option to view and then copy the password. 


You can also select Copy Username or Copy Password from the menu on the right of the password.


If you have the appropriate permissions, you can also add / edit password. To edit, select Edit from the credential. To add, use the + button in the bottom right. You can add either folders or passwords at this time. 

If you do need to go beyond these abilities, you can easily get into the Passly website, but clicking the "Open in Tab" button in the upper right. mceclip4.png

Being as though you are signed in to the extension, you will be taken into Passly already authenticated.

SSO Applications

You can also access the applications from your Passly Launch Pad from within the Extension. Go to the My Applications tab and you will have the list of applications there.


Simply select the application and you will be taken there the same as if you did so from the Launch Pad. For Web Workflow applications with User Defined Credentials, you will have a menu on the right where you can update your username / password for the site.

Passly Mobile App

The new Passly mobile apps have been sent to the Play Store (Android) and App Store (Apple) for review and should be available shortly. These applications will have the ability to view your vaults and see / copy the passwords and usernames. 

We are working on quickly iterating and adding some new functionality into the mobile apps. We are working on adding in Touch / Face ID for authentication so you don't have to keep typing in your credentials. Also, we are working on getting Add / Edit, where users have permissions, to the apps.

Also, if you are trying to MFA, the easiest way is to Accept the MFA from the notification without going to the Authenticator App for it, unless you need to get your OTP. 

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