9/30/2020 - Dark Web ID v1.51.10


Dark Web ID v1.51.10 - Release Notes - September 30th, 2020

This release of Dark Web ID that focuses on bug fixes and improvements.

Features and Enhancements


1. We grouped the PII Data column next to the Password Hit column.



2. PII Hit type is now visible in the column and doesn't require hovering over an icon. The PII icon has been removed. 

Icon with hover to see PII type


PII Hit type now shows without need to hover



Dark Web ID Breach Catalog

We now have a Breach Catalog! You can search for the Breach name and learn more about the breach. 

Navigate to Support menu and the Breach Catalog found at the top


Search by Breach name



Breach Catalog overview



Deleting of Monitored Values

1. To help prevent accidental deletion of a monitored value (domain, IP and Personal Email), users will be required to check a box acknowledging they want to delete and must type the word, "DELETE". 

Remove any monitored value


Prompt to confirm deletion



Bug Fixes: 

Compromise PDF Report

  • Dates formats weren't respecting the desired user date settings. Dates now respect the date format selected. 


Cleaned up and fine-tuned alerting, timeouts and other backend needs.


Stay tuned! We are working on some big features coming to Dark Web ID!

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