How is Graphus different from Agari?

Graphus employs patented AI technology to establish a Trust GraphTM between people, devices, and networks by analyzing the unique interaction of your Organization with the external world. This Trust Graph is then used to reveal untrusted communication and detect threats.

In comparison, (from Agari website) "Agari creates a model of trusted email by analyzing your organization’s inbound email and correlating it with billions of emails every day from the world’s largest email providers, including Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Then, that trust model is used to categorize and prevent attacks using identity deception (DMARC - open standard) from reaching your employees’ inboxes.

In essence, Agari's approach is no different from what Email Service providers are already doing today to detect and filter spam. Unfortunately, this approach is not very effective in identifying targeted attacks like spear phishing. 

Graphus AI technology tailors itself to the unique attack surface of your organization, your employees, by learning from their interaction with the external world to establish trusted identities and unique fingerprints associated with those identities to detect spoofing and conversely do deep threat analysis of interactions from untrusted identities. 

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