Threat Alerts


On this page, you can take a deeper dive into the alerts and take various Actions if necessary. Alerts are retained for 30 days from the date of creation. 

CREATED: This is the date when the Alert was created.

CATEGORY: There 3 categories of Alerts; Phishing (this includes Spear Phishing), Email Scam, and Malware.

SENDER NAME: Name of the email.

FROM: Is the email address of the person who sent this email. It is important to keep in mind that this address could be spoofed. Because of this, it should NOT be used to conclude that the alert is a false positive. 

ACTIONS: There are four actions you can take on an alert.

  • Arrow Icon (Details): shows the details associated with the alert.
  • Eye Icon (Investigate): shows the email message associated with this alert.
  • Thumbs Down Icon (Report False Positive): is used to report a false positive.
  • Cross Icon (Close): is used to close the alert.

DATE RANGE: Choose a date range to see alerts generated in that period. Alerts are retained for 30 days only.

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