Passly Release Notes 7.0.1 - May 6, 2020

This release of Passly includes new features and bug fixes. See the topics below for details. 

New Features 

Licensing: Organization Count 

The new Customer Protect SKUs are now priced based on a number of organizations, in addition to seats. The number of organizations purchased was not tracked until this update. With this, customers who purchased after the SKU change will have the organization cap added to their account. Customers who purchased before the new SKUs will continue to have unlimited organizations. Upon renewal, we'll move older customers to the newer SKUs. 

Passly: Help Links 

The help links have been updated to point to the Passly help rather than the AuthAnvil help. 

Passly: Mobile Links 

The mobile links have been updated to point to the Passly mobile apps rather than the AuthAnvil mobile apps in the respective stores.

Bug Fixes 

License Counts 

Fixed an issue where the license count was becoming inaccurate. The seat count should now accurately reflect the number of Active users.  

Onboarding Emails Not Getting Sent 

Fixed several issues that were preventing emails from getting sent when users were provisioned. All users that are provisioned with the option to send email selected should now be sent an email. We can't prevent it from going to Spam, but we can ensure it was sent. 


Added the samesite indicator to our cookie when signing into other applications. This will prevent the cookie from not working with upcoming updates to Google Chrome. This will mostly impact users of BMS who are still using the older method of integration.


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